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Please count the quantity of each model and send us the list before packing, so your packages can be passed faster.


What's materials or tools you need to pack broken screens?


-- Bubble bags

-- Elastic ring

-- Adhesive tape

-- Foam box

-- Hard paper box



1. Putting 2pcs broken LCD screens together, why? because the frame on the back, frame is damaged easily.




2. Putting the 2pcs broken lcd screens in 1 bubble bag. (if you don't have enough bubble bag, please check another way)

or you can just put 1pc in 1 bubble bag.




3. Tighten several bubble bags(screens inside) with adhesive tape. (it must be tight, otherwise screens will slip off and be damaged).




4. Fulling the foam box with screens which tightened by bubble bags  and adhesive taps.

(Please ensure the box is full with screens or bubble sheet, otherwise the screens maybe shaking with the box on the shipping way, the flex maybe damaged).




5. Sealing the foam box and outer hard paper box.


--- If you don't have enough bubble bags, the guide for packing as below:


Putting several screens together, most of them are glass to glass, and tie it with elastic ring.




Wraping this batch with bubble sheet, and tighten it with adhesive tape around.


Contact with us if you have other questions.





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