Face ID/Home button repair to keep the Fingerprint function

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Do you have Home Button of the iPhone with problems? the touch ID/fingerprint function/face ID will be lost after replaced it with a new home button, you must want to repair the original home button directly to keep the touch ID/fingerprint, we can help you.




What's kind of problems on Home button can be repaired by us?

1. Flex cable of the home button is broken.

2. The fingerprint can't recorded.

3. The phone can't back to the home page when you press the home buttton.

4. The fingerprint is grey when you try to record it, not including the problem of fingerprint chip problem and CPU

problem of the home button.homebuttonrepair

Note: the home button must be the one belongs to the original phone

All of the new home button replacement don't have touch ID/fingerprint function, then why not try to sending the original home button to us for repairing?


--- 99% success rate

--- Testing before returning

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