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Refurbishing with LCDiFix Benefits:

1. Experienced technicians team 
Broken LCD(s) refurbish not only for iPhone, Samsung, but also for iPad, Huawei, Xiaomi, Oppo etc..

2. Safe on shipping :
Safe and guaranteed shipping line available under the severe conditions.

3. Speed: 
Refurbish and returned within 3-5 business days from the package delivered at our workshop.

4. No middle men: 
We are not trading company, when you sell to a recycle company, they sell to us,
Why give profit away? We have more professional team than them too.

5. Professional testing & reporting: 
Receive a detailed report by email. Once approved we begin.

6. Reliable partner: 
Trusty final finish result, 100% your own screens returned, any other screens can’t be refurbished can be returned together.

7. Customer first: 
Keep good contact with customers, try to meet your request and support you work the best.


Price List of LCD(s)/Motherboards Repairing/Refurbishing

      For iPhone                 For Samsung              For iPad

XS Max $?   S8 plus $?6   iPad 6 $?6
XS $?   S8 $?5   Mini 4 $?0
XR $?   S7 edge $?6   9.7" $?4
X $?8   S7 $?5   12.9" $?8
8 plus $?5   S6 edge $?2   10.5" $?8
8G $?3            
7 plus $?9   Other models $20       
7G $?5            
6s plus $?0            
6s $?8            
6 plus $15             
6G $12             
5s/5c/5g $8             

LCDiFix technicians team will refurbish the cracked LCD screens as your need, for example, you may need all original parts, just need AAA+ quality LCD screens back etc..

Or you just need lower prices, we choose the materials as your need, exclusive LCD screens can be repaired for you, try to meet the needs of your local market.

Contact with us for all price list.

WhatsApp: +86 159 1542 5232

More guide:

1. Price can be adjusted according to the quantity and quality you need, contact with us for updated price.

2. 99% success rate, 100% screens you sent will be returned, reliable partner.

3. The price including the cost of replacing backlight on each one.

4. The 3D touch and Touch ID will be still kept working well after repaired.

5. The screens damaged on shipping or repairing can be returned to you for checking.

6. 3-5 days with DHL and no more than $1/pc for shipping back.

7. Full original parts will be used, the backlight,  polarize, glass etc., tested strictly one by one before shipping.



We will send you a test report once we received the screens and tested it, the test report will be show you the quantity of shipping damage, and the final report will be sent showing you the shipping damage QTY and repairing damage QTY.



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