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Sell Your Broken LCD Screens to us,  get 5% discount if you use the money to buy new parts from us directly.



Steps of Recycling Broken LCD Screens.


When you decide to try sending some screens to us, please test all one by one and pack all well, only original working screens are worthy to send, here is the packing guide.


1.We send a prepaid shipping label and arrange international express to pick up the packages.

2.The test report and  LCDs tested pictures files will be sent to you after we received and tested all screens one by one.

3.We will pay in 24 hours after we reach an agreement with the test results, pay with Paypal, western union or bank transfer.





















Please contact with us for the price list:

WhatsApp: +86 159 1542 5232

Skype: irenekuang26



Whats grade A/B, C and D?


For Apple


All of the LCD Screens will be tested on power on phone tester of each model 1 by 1.


A/B Grade: Fully functional 100% Original LCD Screen with few dead pixels or small backlight problem.

C Grade: Fully functional 100% Original LCD Screen with big dead pixels, big backlight problem, yellow/gray damage marks or be changed glass.

D Grade: Fully functional 100% Original LCD Screen with color dead pixels, big red/blue damage marks, be changed flex cable or broken 3D touch cable.


For Samsung

A Grade: Fully functional OEM LCD without any problems or flaws.

B Grade: Fully functional OEM LCD with small shadow/marks.

C Grade: Fully functional OEM LCD with middle shadow/marks.

D Grade: Fully functional OEM LCD with big shadow/marks.

Bad: Fully fuctional OEM LCD with red/pink burn-in shadow  and unworking LCD.




Before shipping

1. Testing and counting quantity before shipping.

If it is possible, please test your broken screens before sending all to us, just send us all original and fully functional one, it will save much shipping cost for you and us, and count the quantity of each model correctly, send the list to us, so your package can be processed faster and you can follow all details clearly.

After paid

2. Damage Screen and Copy Screeens.

All damaged screens with bad LCD or Digitizer and copy LCD screens are considered as useless, if you need it, we can send all back to you. (If you have a seal or sticker, you can put on your screens so that you can identify it is your screens that we send back). If you don’t need it, we will throw all away.  


If you're not sure what type of screen you have, just sell it as a "Miscellaneous LCD" and we will adjust your order when we receive it.


Our testing report example:





PV: 0